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Fun Activities for the School Holidays in Mount Isa

Fun Activities for the School Holidays in Mount Isa
on 15 September 2020 in Events & Entertainment


If you’re struggling to find fun activities for the school holidays that will keep your kids busy with fun, learning, and exploration, Mount Isa is the place to be. 

It’s time to emerge your kids into a world filled with rich Australian history and a bunch of thrilling entertainment – something you definitely need to add to your bucket list for school holiday activities. 

Mount Isa Family Fun Park 

Known to be the largest playground in all of Queensland, the Mount Isa Family Fun Park is the kind of playground every kid has to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Guaranteed a full day’s worth of fun and discovery, pack a scrumptious picnic, or prepare the family for a big barbecue to enjoy your time at the Mount Isa Family Park.

Prepare yourself for the massive grassy spaces for the kids to burn their energy, several bike tracks for kids to explore, soft fall rubber ground covers throughout all play areas, junior and senior play areas full of well-maintainer play equipment, a gigantic water park with over 20 different fun installations, a sensory garden built to interact and stimulate, a double flying fox over 20 metres long, and so much more.

The Mount Isa Family Fun Park is a must for families with kids, especially during the school holidays. You can find plenty of parking on site, with the park located on Church Street opened every day from 9AM to 9.30PM except on Wednesdays which opens from 3PM to 9.30PM due to cleaning. 

Mount Isa Go Kart Club

If your kids like a bit more adrenaline fun that makes them feel fast on the edge of life, head to the Mount Isa Go Kart Club on Duchess Road.

A non-profit organisation that pushes excitement to its limits, the tracks at the Mount Isa Go Kart Club are massive thanks to the wide space available at Mount Isa. There isn’t a need for a driver’s licence, with go karting available for children as young as 6 getting behind the wheel. 

Beyond the fun, go karting is an excellent way to teach children about safety rules and following them. It also improves hand eye coordination and increased judgment as your child is forced to maneuver their kart around the track safely and effectively. They’ll also be more aware of their surroundings which will eventually help them become a better driver on the road when the time comes.

Plus, the busier it gets on a school holiday, the better the learning experience will be. Distractions, higher traffic, and all of the other overwhelming situations will only improve your child’s ability to become a better driver. After all, practice does make perfect. Talk about learning through playing! 

From twisting bends to fast straight tracks, the experience is exhilarating and will be one that will be talked about for many years to come. Oh, and just so you know, the go karting experience isn’t limited to just kids only. Get the whole family in on the fun and turn this school holiday activity into a family fun day instead! 

Go on a Mining Tour

Once a pioneering mining town, Mount Isa’s historical contributions to the mining industry stands significant. Get the kids in on the fun of learning and exploring the deep depths of a mine, with a hands-on experience that will have them curious and entertained. 

Throw on some orange overalls, safety boots, a hard hat with a headlamp, and feel like a miner going to work as you join in the local mining tour.

Squeeze into the Alimak Cage that descends deep into the underground while listening to the stories of an ex Isa miner tour guide. Once underground, get up close and personal with modern mining machinery and if you’re feeling a little brave, give the air drills a go and feel the vibrations beneath your feet.

The journey through the mining tour will make you and your kids feel as if you’ve walked through a time machine back into the good ole’ mining days. At the end of the day, not only will your kids have had the fun of experiencing the life of a miner, they would have learned a great deal about mining history and the challenging conditions miners experience.

Mount Isa Mines Rodeo School of Hard Knocks

Considered the largest rodeo in the Southern Hemisphere, Mount Isa is proud to be home to the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo held in Buchanan Park. A yearly event that displays the best of Australian cowboy culture and country life, locals and tourists flock from all over the country (and beyond) to be a part of a lifetime experience.

Don’t worry if you just missed this year’s virtual rodeo which happened on 8 August 2020 as a result of Covid-19 restrictions because Mount Isa Mines have launched their very own School of Hard Knocks rodeo school for those who want to learn about the tricks of the trade. For more information, contact the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo office on (07) 4743 2706 or e-mail

With all the fun school holidays available in Mount Isa guaranteeing excitement and learning at the same time, a family trip here is a must.

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Banner image credit: The North West Star