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Mount Isa’s Bucket List 4WD Treks

Mount Isa's Bucket List 4WD Treks
on 01 September 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle


For the 4WD enthusiast, exploring the Mount Isa region is an absolute dream come true with countless scenic treks to embark upon an adventure. The wide span of scenery delivers magnificent historical sites followed by picturesque views that will take any explorer’s breath away.

Ranging from easy 4WD treks to the harder ones, gear up and get ready to discover some of the best 4WD treks Mount Isa has to offer – these ones will definitely make your bucket list!

Three Sisters

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance from Mount Isa: Approximately 17 km

Starting easy, the Three Sisters 4WD adventure, also known as Three Steps, is only around 17 kilometres from Mount Isa and around 2 hours long. 

Offering a combination of steep hills, sharp rocks, and some river crossings (during rainy seasons), the adventure is thrilling without being too challenging. 

The Three Sisters represent three giant rock formations nestled in ridges that cascade toward the ground. It’s a popular site to visit especially after some heavy rain as the water flow from the top all the way down is a magnificent scene to be embraced. 

Another attractive point of venturing out on a 4WD adventure to see the Three Sisters is that Lake Moondarra is close by. A fantastic place to have a picnic and knock back some beers while enjoying the water view, there are plenty of facilities and amenities at Lake Moondarra such as barbecue pits, picnic tables, toilet facilities, and more. There’s also a lookout to take in the most of a picturesque view of the lake.

Paroo Waterhole

Difficulty level: Easy

Distance from Mount Isa: Approximately 38 km

A fantastic place to sit, enjoy, go for a swim or soak in the sun, Paroo Waterhole has a scenic surrounding filled with flora and fauna for you to awe at.

The 4WD trek to the waterhole starts out relatively smooth and easy, however, once you cross the terrain nearing the waterhole itself, the trek does get a bit more bumpy and challenging. Paroo Waterhole is nestled among nature and is located near the Parro Range, which gives you the option for further exploration around the area.

Overall, it is considered to be an easy 4WD experience. If you aren’t so familiar with 4WD treks, it would be best to plan your adventure when there is no heavy rainfall due to cattle using it as a water source and potentially getting in your way of the drive. 

Rigby Falls

Difficulty level: Medium

Distance from Mount Isa: Approximately 48 km 

Promising tranquil views that overlook the scenic site of Rigby Falls, this 4WD trek is for those who are up for a bigger challenge than the easier treks.

Rigby Falls cascades down seven different levels of rock formation, making it a picturesque sight to set your eyes upon. Take a swim in the falls or time your trip after some heavy rainfall to witness true magnificence right in front of you.

This scenic place is right on the Mount Frosty Trek with the 4WD drive to Rigby Falls encompassing steep hills, large rocks, a ton of rough terrains, and a decent challenge for those new to the 4WD experience. For the seasoned 4WD driver, the Rigby Falls 4WD track will prove to be a great adventure.

Explore beyond the falls and head to the Gypsum Mine while embracing your drive filled with flora, fauna, creeks, and gorges. Time your drive to reach the mine closer to noon and be amazed as the sunlight scatters across hills of quartz crystals embedded upon them.

Given how this Mount Isa 4WD track is rather challenging, be sure to plan well ahead and stay aware of your surroundings when embarking upon your journey. 

Mary Kathleen Mine

Difficulty level: Easy 

Distance from Mount Isa: Approximately 57 km

If you’re looking for a walk down history lane and are keen to learn more about Mount Isa and what it was like back in the old mining days, a trip over to the Mary Kathleen Mine is a must.

When entering the township, your welcome of a stone entranceway awaits you. Explore the town which was once a booming mining place with rich resources and trade. Once you’ve had your fill of history, head toward the Uranium mine as old as 1954. 

With a distinctive tint of bright blue hues, the waters in the mine will leave you mesmerised enough to make the Amalfi Coast envious. An open-cut pit that is terraced and accessible, the Mary Kathleen Mine is a sight not to be missed when in Mount Isa.

For those who feel like the adventure has just begun, you can head beyond Mary Kathleen and into the Ballara Mining Trail which comprises approximately 23.4 km of dirt perfect for a 4WD adventure. Explore mines such as the Rosebud Copper Mine and more.

Given that these mines have been abandoned for some time, it is advised to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings when visiting the area. 

Where to stay in Mount Isa

Given that all of these attractive 4WD treks embark from Mount Isa, you will definitely want to have a comfortable Mount Isa accommodation set up for your time here.

And there’s no better place to put your feet up and relax after a hard day’s worth of adventuring around Mount Isa than the Isa Hotel. Budget friendly with exceptional customer service and prioritised comfort, the Isa Hotel is one of the best accommodation Mount Isa has to offer for all travellers no matter how big or small your group.

Offering outstanding dining options at the Rodeo Bar & Grill with its western theme with an open kitchen concept, you will get to experience what a true Outback Steakhouse really is. The Isa Hotel is also strategically located with many of the town’s main attractions and conveniences right at the foot of your doorstep. 

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