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How to Barbecue Like A Pro This Summer

How to Barbecue Like A Pro This Summer
on 01 October 2020 in Food & Drink


When you think of a typical Aussie summer, you often start daydreaming about the sun, wide open spaces and a good old fashion Aussie barbecue to tie it all together nicely.

As the weather gets nicer and the more restrictions start to ease, the more time you'll be spending with friends and family, which means more barbecue sessions.

If you'd like to show the crowd your newly found skills this summer, read on to learn the tricks on how to barbecue like a pro. 

Tip #1 – Is my grill hot enough?

Before putting anything on the barbie, you need to make sure that your grill is at its ideal temperature. To find out if it's hot enough, the most effective way is to do the hand test.

Place your hand approximately five inches above the grill and count down in seconds how long you can hold it there for without feeling uncomfortable.

If you can hold it for 5 to 6 seconds, then your grill is at a low heat. If it's around 3 to 4 seconds, then your grill is at a medium heat. If you can only hold it for a second, then your grill is at a high heat, and you're ready to start barbecuing up a feast.

Tip #2 – Is my steak cooked perfect? 

Everyone has their preference on how well done they like their steak to be. With this easy hand test, you will be grilling steaks to perfection to suit each one of your guests to their amazement.

The idea is to know what to expect when touching a perfectly cooked rare steak. To know how touch the base of your thumb with your other hand's index finger, which will let you know how it feels to press down on raw steak.

To cook your steak rare, the texture feels just like the feeling of pressing down on the base of your thumb.

For medium rare use your middle finger and touch down on the base of your thumb. For medium well steaks, use your ring finger instead. And for well done steaks, your pinky finger to the base of your thumb is the indicator.

Don't forget, the chefs always recommend having a steak cooked medium rare for the best flavours and texture. Nevertheless, grilling your own steaks give you that sense of empowerment over how you like your steak done without judgment from someone else. 

Tip #3 – How can I get perfect grill marks? 

Don't you just envy a good looking steak with the iconic perfect grill marks that make a steak appear more irresistible? With this tip, you'll be grilling a steak with perfect grill marks in no time.

Picture a clock face on your grill and place your steaks facing the 10 and after a few minutes, flip them to a 2. Avoid pushing the steaks around when flipped as you want to maintain that clean crosshatch design from your grill.

Tip #4 – How many flips do I flip a steak?

The trick behind grilling the juiciest mouthwatering steaks is to only do a single flip. By not flipping continuously, you hold the juices inside the steak better, thus keeping its juices inside and not letting them escape through each flip.

Tip #5 – Perhaps leave it to the real pros?

Sometimes the best way to have the tastiest steaks is to leave it to professional Chefs.

For those lucky enough to be in Mount Isa and are on the lookout for some amazing steaks that will never be forgotten, a dine in at the Rodeo Bar & Grill is a must. 

Presenting some of the best steaks nationwide, cooked to perfection exactly the way you want it, the Rodeo Bar & Grill has won the hearts of patrons from all over the world with its classic Australian Outback atmosphere of a good old fashion rodeo bar and grill.

Not to mention, Mount Isa is known for the nation's famous Mount Isa Rodeo where cowboys, steaks, and good old Australian whisky reigns. So if any city knows how to cook a mean Aussie steak, it's definitely going to be Mount Isa. 

At the Rodeo Bar & Grill, you'll have the chance to see the cut you like through a display cabinet, and upon selecting your favourite cut, the professional chefs will take over and serve you up one decadent steak you won't forget.

Followed by icy cold beers by the tap, some great pairing red wine, and a wide range of delicious foods to complement your steak nicely, prepare yourself for a feast that is fit for kings.