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The Ultimate Beer Guide in Mount Isa

The Ultimate Beer Guide in Mount Isa
on 01 March 2020 in Events & Entertainment


Beer, that refreshing drink that could quench the largest of thirsts. If you're on the hunt to find a quality beer, look no further. We breakdown what qualifies a good beer, and more importantly where you can find one in Mount Isa.  

What qualifies as good beer

From national brands like XXXX, Great Northern, or Carlton Draught, to craft brewers like Stone & Wood, Balter, and Black Hops, the number of beers on the market is endless nowadays. So, how do you know a good beer when you see one? Here are the brewer’s secrets to identifying a quality beer from the get go.

  1. Appearance

Looks matter when it comes to beer. Take a good look at the colour. Beers come in amber, red, brown or black. If it looks like an appealing colour, chances are, the back of your mouth is already salivating for a taste. Next, check for the clarity of the liquid. The clearer, the better as this ensures purity and smoothness. Swish it around a little and watch out for trails on the edge of the glass. If you see any, that’s a high quality beer you have there. 

  1. Aroma

The smell of beer differs from one to another. It’s exquisite in variety with an array as wide as wine. Some smell fruity, others are more floral, while the usual aromas are hoppy or malty. Depending on your preference, the aroma you prefer will entice you almost instantly. 

  1. Mouth feels

What does the beer taste like in your mouth? Is it light, or does it have a full body? Take your time to taste it. Let the flavours swirl across your mouth as you enjoy the cold, refreshing, texture and body of your beer. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t storm your way through a gourmet dinner, so don’t just chug down a quality beer.

  1. Taste

It may take some experience to learn how to appreciate a good beer’s colour and aroma. However, even beginners can learn how to enjoy the taste of a quality beer at the very first go. Good tasting beer is complex, with a wide array of flavours that will amaze you with each sip. 

Where to find good beer in Mount Isa

Given that you’re in Mount Isa, why not discover a deeper appreciation for beer here?

Check out these top local bars in Mount Isa that serve the best beers the city has to offer. After all, having a quality beer is only the first step of having a great time. Atmosphere and vibe help fulfil the experience, making your beer that much more unBEERlieveable.

Rodeo Bar & Grill at the Isa Hotel

At the Rodeo Bar & Grill, you are spoilt for choice with the range of beer. After all, this is the place to be which embraces Mount Isa’s heritage as the Rodeo Capital of Australia. And if you know a thing or two about rodeos and Aussie culture, a quality beer isn’t far from the two!

With a good variety of tap beers, foreign beers, local Aussie craft beers, and typical Australian beer brands, you will surely find a beer you adore. Given that the establishment is known for being an exceptional outback steakhouse, there will be plenty of food to pair with your beer – be it snacks or a main meal. 

Drinks and food come at a reasonable price and offer great value for money. With hundreds of positive reviews on TripAdvisor, and plenty of local regulars, the establishment is indeed a local favourite for a good reason. 

Located in the Isa Hotel, the Rodeo Bar & Grill is located at the centre of the city, right at the doorstep of the main attractions of Mount Isa. 

Cocktail lounge at the Isa Hotel

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Cocktail Lounge is a great place to sit back, relax, and sip at a cold one. Offering a wide selection of craft and boutique foreign and Australian beers, the Cocktail Lounge at the Isa Hotel is the place to be for tapas and drinks. 

This is the place for people who want their taste buds to be tantalised from the moment you walk through the doors. The Cocktail Lounge is perfect for getting a night going, without eating too much and enjoying the drinks.

Spoil yourself with luxurious furnishing, a private bar, elegant and intimate surroundings, and a wide variety of drinks beyond beer. With large LCD screens to keep you entertained, free WiFi access to ensure that you stay connected. Experienced and professional waiters and bartenders await your every request. 

Situated on the ground floor of the acclaimed Redearth Boutique Hotel, you will find the Cocktail Lounge nestled near the hotel reception.

Mount Isa Irish Club

With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner, a visit to the Mount Isa Irish Club will get your spirits high. It is a couple of kilometres south from the city centre, a trip to the Mount Isa Irish Club is worth the effort.

You will find some quality Irish brews here along with the standard Australian beer brands and a few craft beers. Tap beers are always crisp and fresh, given the high turnover and demand. 

Entertainment includes a gaming room, a piano bar, the Irish nightclub, a restaurant, a gym, and the cavernous Blarney Bar. With many things to do beyond drinking, the Mount Isa Irish Club guarantees fun for everyone. 

Buffs Club

Probably the most popular club in Mount Isa, the Buffs Club is known for its Blue Tongue sports bar, cocktail bar, Boomerang coffee shop, sun deck, and live entertainment during the weekends.

Drink to your heart’s content, and if you start getting the munchies, head toward the Frog & Toad Bistro for your standard club fare. 

Brew at Home 

Home brewing is becoming more common everyday, especially if you like to experiment with flavours. A quick online search will outline all of the basic requirements for setting up your own home brewery, along with an endless list of suppliers who are able to ship to outback regions such as Mount Isa. 


Image credit: Good Housekeeping