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Where to Find the Best Mount Isa Hiking Routes

Where to Find the Best Mount Isa Hiking Routes
on 01 February 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

If you want to truly explore the best of the Aussie Outback, there’s no better way to do so than to hike there and see it with your own two eyes. 

The advantage of hiking in Mount Isa goes beyond the good workout, and into the realms of spectacular scenic views and moving experiences that you won’t get anywhere else. 

It’s the adventure of the hike that will open your eyes to a whole new world of the true Aussie Outback. And, you’ll be able to add the achievement to your belt of accomplishments as you reminisce with friends and family about your time meandering through the wilderness of the Australian Outback.

Here is a list of the best Mount Isa hiking routes for all levels of hikers.


Lake Moondarra

Situated a quick 19 kilometres North of Mount Isa, Lake Moondarra brings forth a wet oasis in the middle of the Aussie Outback. It’s where you can catch a wet sunrise or sunset despite being surrounded by red earth. 

With the local translation of its name meaning “plenty of rain”, Lake Moondarra serves as a freshwater source for the residents of Mount Isa. Beyond the usefulness of its water supply, the lake also provides a peaceful serenity for tourists and locals alike. 

It’s a favourite spot for watersports such as boating, sailing, and canoeing. You can even dip into the lake for a swim. Come at the right time, and you can watch the local canoe club hosts dragon boat trials on the lake for everyone. 

Fishing at Lake Moondarra is nothing short of an amazing experience. With the Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group responsible for stocking the lake with barramundi and many other fishes, the sport has become extremely popular with the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic acting as an annual event every October. You won’t need a permit to fish here, but catch limits do apply. 

Now let’s talk hiking. 

There are some trekking routes around Lake Moondarra such as a trail around the lake. Alternatively, go beyond the confines of the lake and head for the rocky surrounds and absorb the entire lake and Rodeo Capital’s glory. 

After your hike, be sure to take some time to relax with a picnic by the lake under the large, shady trees. With free barbecues to use, bring along some goodies in a cooler bag to cook up a storm and bring back the energy in you. Nature lovers will be glad to know that there are plenty of local peacocks that frequent the grounds so bring a camera along! 


Telstra Hill hiking

A short 5 kilometres from Mount Isa headed to Cloncurry, Telstra Hill is a gem for hikers alike. Promising spectacular panoramic 360 degree views, you get a true perspective of the Mount Isa town, the mines, and its surrounding areas. 

To catch the best views, head up during sunrise or sunset. And if you can stay after sunset, be amazed by the lights from the city and stargaze the Aussie Outback peacefully. 

There are some steep inclines on the walk up to Telstra Hill, which is fine for those with moderate fitness. The walk itself from the bottom is around 3 kilometres for a round trip and is ideal for adults and children alike. 

Note that there isn’t much shade when heading up or down, so come prepared with sunscreen and hats, and ideally do the Telstra Hill hike in the morning or evening. 


Upper Gorge Walk

An absolute hiking haven,the Boodjamilla (Lawn Hill) National Park is an absolute must visit for those who enjoy a hike. It’s one of the most scenic national parks in Queensland. With spectacular gorges, sandstone ranges, and world heritage fossils, the park is a true wonder.  

A hike around Lawn Hill Gorge will have you immersed in gigantic sandstone cliffs that line the gorge, with emerald waters and lush greenery, setting a breathtaking picturesque view. 

Naturally; the spring water oasis and healthy vegetation attract an abundance of wildlife that can be easily spotted throughout the park. 

The most popular hiking route in Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park is the Upper Gorge Walk that spans a good 7 kilometres, taking approximately 3.5 hours to complete. Begin your hike at the East end of the camping grounds and ascend to a ridge, meandering along the edge of the gorge. It is a looped track that returns you along the creek’s edge where the diverse plant and animal life will amaze you.

To be safe, hikers should begin the journey early in the morning and should be experienced in bushwalking. There will be cliff edges and steep rock faces, along with slippery surfaces, so it is important to be careful and to stay on the hiking trail at all times. 

Boodjamulla National Park is approximately 340 kilometres North West of Mount Isa and contains 20 kilometres of walking tracks ranging from beginner level to difficult.

The main attractions of the park include the sandstone range, deep gorges, nether limestone plateau featuring fossil fields. The park also boasts crystal clear emerald waters and lush vegetation that brings life to the air and atmosphere around it. You will find the Gregory River and O’Shanassy River which flows all year round. 


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