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Waterskiing Like a Pro

Waterskiing Like a Pro
on 01 September 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

If you’ve ever watched a water ski show, you’ve probably dazed off in a daydream about how awesome it would feel being behind those skis.

Water skiing was the first towed water sport, which set the stage for other sports like wakeboarding, wakesurfing, tubing, kneeboarding, slalom, and trick and ski jumping. With humble beginnings that began with a boat, a guy and two boards strapped to his feet, water skiing today is backed by innovation and state of the art equipment offering a time of your life.

Here are some of the best tips on how to water ski to get you going like a pro in no time.

The basics of getting up on water skis

When trying to get up, begin with a deep water start with both legs together. The trick is to let the boat do the work and remain in a crouched position until the rope is tight. Once up, straighten your legs. If you need to coach your boat driver on the appropriate speed for towing, let them know it’s around 30 miles per hour for water skiing.

When it comes to kids, begin their experience with skis tied together with nylon rope. This will help them keep their legs together instead of doing the splits.

The hardest part about water skiing is starting out in deep water. The trick here is to let the boat do all of the work as trying to get up too quickly will cause far more friction than necessary and the results won’t be favorable. Stay crouched until you’re up on a plane and then straighten your legs for balance.



Getting the right gear 

As with all sports, the type of gear you’re going in with matters when it comes to water skiing. Depending on your weight and size, there will be junior size or regular size combo skis suitable for you. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably need trainer skis to start off.

Water skis should be adjustable with bindings and must be fitted tight enough to hold your feet securely without being too tight that they won’t release when you fall. 

Don’t jump into the water 

Water skiing should start on dry land or on a boat. This means learning to stand from a sitting position with your skis and rope. To do this, sit your skis directly behind your heels and inform the driver to move the boat forward for a pull. Hold onto the ski handle with your knees between your elbows where you will eventually be pulled to your feet from the force strongly and steadily. 

Learn to use your legs

As tempting as it may be to use your upper body, the trick behind water skiing efficiently is to let your legs do the work. This means leaning slightly forward and slowly straightening your legs as you feel the boat pull you. Do not straighten your legs all the way and allow for some bend in your knees. Success lies in being able to stand up with just your legs without help from your arms. 

Standing tall 

Once you’re on top of the water, it’s important that you hold the right body position while being comfortable. Skis should be shoulder width apart with your knees bent and hips forward with the handle at waist level. Your arms should be straight and your head facing up. The handle should be gripped with your palms facing down.

Learn to control your movements 

Once you feel confident with standing on your skis, it’s time to master control. Learn to travel from one side of the boat by leaning right and then left. Again, let the boat do the work for you and keep your movements within the boat’s wake.

When you feel ready to cross the wake, begin on the furthest crest and travel slowly across to the opposite crest. Maintain a straight back while holding the handle straight without your arms. The shock of the wake should be absorbed by your bent knees. 

Water Skiing in Lake Moondarra 

With these tips on how to water ski like a pro, it’s time to test the waters out at Lake Moondarra. A quick 19 minute drive from Mount Isa’s town centre, Lake Moondarra is a haven for water sports enthusiasts.

It’s a 23.75 square kilometre water playground nestled in Outback Australia bound to keep you cool this hot season.

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Banner image credit: Central Highlands