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How’s the Weather and Climate in Mount Isa?

How's the Weather and Climate in Mount Isa?
on 27 September 2019 in Local news


With many historical and cultural attractions and natural landscape, Mount Isa has a lot to offer visitors from outdoor activities to indoor attractions. But when exactly, should you visit? 

Generally, Mount Isa is a welcoming destination all year long without much rainfall and an average annual temperature of 24.4C. The summers are long and humid, whereas the winters are short and dry. 

If you must pinpoint the best time to visit, then early spring between September to November would be ideal. Winter's chill gone, wildflowers are slowly showing off and the heatwave of summer yet to arrive. 

The weather during the autumn between March to May is also very amiable with crisp air and weather at its most pleasant with mild temperature. It is just hard to resist. 

For all the reasons above, let's find out more about the weather and climate in Mount Isa and how best to enjoy your stay.

Available all year round, the Hard Times Mine is opened for everyone to get a taste of the mining experience. Visitors will have to gear up with hard hats, cap lamps, bright orange overalls and gumboots. This attire may sound a bit warm for the summers at first, but it is quickly compensated by the chilly air in the underground world as you descend deeper into the ground into the replica mine. In fact, you will soon be oblivious to the outdoor temperature, whether it is summer or winter when amazed by how the tunnels are formed by the majestic machinery.

Picnics are one of the simplest yet indulgent activities that summer has to offer. Lake Moondarra, located at just 16km away from the town, offers just the right scenery for a date, fun way to spend the day with your friends or family or a rejuvenating self excursion. 

Lake Moondarra has endless charming picnic spots throughout the year. During the summer and spring, a dip in the lake is essential to cool off the body. Bring along a frisbee, soccer ball, book or a kite for some activities in a picturesque summer afternoon. 

Do check the weather before leaving as the weather can change quickly by the water, so do plan accordingly and bring layers. If you happen to be there in the autumn, take a slow stroll along the lakeside to see the colours of leaves in many shades reflected on the calm surface of the water.

Winter does not mean that you have to stay locked up indoor like a cave. Lake Moondarra is accessible during wintertime as well when the temperature plummets to below 10 Celsius sometimes. 

There is nothing like a clean blanket beneath a cool blue winter sky to bring everyone together. Wintertime picnic is definitely a yes for someone who craves for a special wintry experience to brighten up the season. It just requires a little more planning, such as bringing enough blankets and scarves to keep everyone warm. Other additional efforts include packing all the ingredients of your sandwich until it is ready to be constructed for consumption to avoid sogginess. 

Another wintry activity is bird watching. Due to its prime location, the lake is an especially busy birding spot this time when many species amid their migrating patterns. 

To wrap up a beautiful day, head over to the lake lookout to admire the beauty of Transport Bay.

During the summer, when the temperature can soar as high as 40 Celsius, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of indoor activities available that can keep the heat at bay. 

A visit to Riversleigh Fossil Centre is one of them. Here you can learn about the famous fossils of Riversleigh and how the fossils were extracted from the World Heritage-listed site. It is especially an excellent educational opportunity to lift the mood of the children by keeping them amused in a sweltering day. 

Another cool summer activity for the whole family at this great time of the year is a visit to the Mount Isa Family Fun Park. It is a place for everyone. For kids and adults who like to have fun like a kid, there is flying fox, vast green space, splash park etc. For adults, there is plenty of shaded area and barbecues to cook up a storm of classic barbeque food such as burger, sausages and steak.

Thanks to its strategic location and landscape, Mount Isa is a wonderful place to visit all year round. Apart from the apparent clothes to pack during summer and winter, you may wonder what clothes are suitable for the seasons in between. 

The key is to pack layers for spring and bring along with you a light jacket for the evening outings as the days will be warm and sunny but nights cool and chilly. That means, shorts and swimmers must still be in your packing list as well. Autumn, on the other hand, brings cooler days with occasional rain. 

Wet weather gears such as raincoat and umbrella are useful when there is an overcast. As winter is just around the corner during late autumn, keep a warm coat with you at all times.

Whether it is heatwave striking the region or chilly wind enveloping the city, staying at a cosy hotel seems always to make things better. The prerequisites to a good hotel are one that prioritises on the standard of customer comfort and satisfaction. 

Hotel amenities are of equal importance if you plan to stay in at your hotel for a good rest. Located at the heart of the city, the Isa Hotel is not only a perfect choice for travellers looking for a relaxing place to unwind, but it is also the place to be if you are looking for the best steak in town. 

Its award-winning Rodeo Bar & Bistro is highly acclaimed for its mouthwatering goodness – an added bonus to make your trip a perfect one no matter which season you are visiting Mount Isa.

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