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Your Guide to Eating Out in Mount Isa

Your Guide to Eating Out in Mount Isa
on 01 October 2019 in Events & Entertainment

There’s nothing more satisfying than travelling on a full and content stomach. Well, what better way to achieve that blissful state than to know the ins and outs of the best dining spots in Mount Isa?

This guide will give you a one up over eating out in Mount Isa. Selections are based on quality, quantity, value for money, deliciousness, popularity, and excellent ambience. 


Rodeo Bar and Grill

Situated in an ideal location for patrons, the Rodeo Bar and Grill can be found on the ground level of the Isa Hotel. 

Like its name, the Rodeo Bar and Grill is Rodeo themed and is a great reflection of a very much loved event in Town, the Mount Isa Rodeo. 

It’s a modern steakhouse with a stylish twist of Rodeo decor mixed in with contemporary classics. And if the ambience doesn’t sway you into trying this place out, the newly updated mouthwatering menu will.

For those who need a good viewing before eating, it pays to know that you get to choose the cut you like through a display cabinet. Once chosen, your options follow with the style of cooking as well as the sides you prefer.

Boasting over 4 stars on with over 140 reviews, the Rodeo Bar and Grill knows how to entertain.

With probably the best aged steak in town, you will want to get your hands dirty over a steak fritz with rump, eye fillet, rib fillet or perhaps a lamb cutlet instead. 

Using secret techniques to bring out maximum flavours in your meat, the aging technique used is fascinating. Left to mature through an aging method, the process for making their meat taste so good is expensive and time consuming.

The result? A flavoursome and tender, juicy steak that will have you salivating for more.

For premium quality, opt for the OP Rib on bone which is a grain fed black Angus that has been aged for up to 8 weeks long. As the bone is still attached, the intense flavours as you peel the meat off intensifies giving you the right fiery grilled flavour of perfection.

Wagyu rump is also on the menu being Australia’s most popular beef. The texture is exceptionally well marbled, giving it the right composition of fat and meat sure to satisfy your palate.

To complement your steak and make it a hearty meal, a wide variety of flavourful sides include fried kale with garlic and onion, seasoned chips, creamy mash and reef and beef toppers. Sauces are great too with a selection from mushroom sauce, rodeo butter, creamy garlic, aioli, and many more. 

If you are a vegetarian, it’s quite a wonder how a restaurant known for its steaks makes some of the best fresh green salads in town. Nevertheless, the Rodeo Bar & Grill makes a statement that it isn’t just great at making meat, but also excellent in its vegetarian dishes.

For those who enjoy watching their food get cooked while waiting, you’ll be glad to know that there is an open style kitchen with amazing pizza oven displays. Not only do oh get the opportunity to witness culinary art in the making, but also communicate (and perhaps learn a thing or two) with the highly trained chefs as well.

As for catering availability, the Rodeo Bar and Grill is able to house up to 200 people both indoors and outdoors. For those who prefer a comfortable indoor setting, be spoilt with a good mix of dining tables, booths and lounges while the outdoors offer a comfy alfresco setting. 

Packed full of locals so you know the place must be good! Recommended to book a table if you want a guaranteed place to sit, as despite it being quite a large venue, you may not find one due to how busy it can get.

The Rodeo Bar and Grill is opened breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


The RedEarth Restaurant

If you’re tired of bistro food, head for RedEarth restaurant for high end food that is delicious and excellently presented. 

Booming a Thai cuisine that fuses modern and traditional, the decor here is soothing and classy. With warm and welcoming staff always ready to make your experience the highlight of your day, a dine in at the RedEarth restaurant is a must. 

To awaken your palate, opt in for an appetiser. With a wide range from classic bruschetta slices to a seafood option of sizzling prawns and crab cake, your appetite for the mains will be enhanced. 

For your mains, if you like steaks, you’ll have to get a steak here. Promising drool-worthy steaks that are juicy and cooked to perfection, it’ll be hard to find a steak that is just as good in town. 

Pair your steak with a glass of beautiful red wine from their wide selection of fine local menu. 

Other mains that stand out include the filet mignon with asparagus, roasted baby beetroots, goat cheese with cauliflower purée. Massaman curry, green curry, a simply divine Penang chicken and the authentic chicken pad thai. For a place with good value for money, the RedEarth restaurant does not disappoint with generously portioned meals and excellent food.

To complete your dining experience, end with a beautiful dessert or cocktail. The prized after dinner winners include the Salted Caramel Creme Brûlée and the bold Liqueur Affogato ice cream served with a shot of espresso and liqueur of your choice (Baileys being an in-house favourite).

Smartly positioned in the heart of Mount Isa, a dine in session at the RedEarth restaurant allows a romantic stroll to the town’s famous attractions nearby. 

Buffs Club

Serving lunch, brunch and dinner, the Buffs club has critics raving about its burgers. A pub/bistro styled diner, the staff are well presented with a friendly service. 

Typical meals include burger variations as well as great meat chops and pizza. With popular delicacies including pork chops, lamb loin chops, and roast, the Buffs Club is ideal for someone looking for modern Aussie cuisine.

According to TripAdvisor, the lamb chops are a hit and miss with consistency being an issue as one reviewer said the lamb chops were ruined to a cinder and the roast was reportedly not that great. 


Burke & Wills Restaurant

Serving dinner, the Burke & Wills restaurant mainly serves the typical pub grub with a wide selection of deep fried goodies (think fish and chips). The prices are reasonable and the surroundings, peaceful. 

Popular food choices include the chicken parmigiana with some patrons saying it was the best they’ve ever had. Others have said that the wild caught barramundi is delectable and the desserts served here are a delight. 

Other food fare include salmon, lamb cutlets and steak.

Grant’s Cakes and Pies

For great coffee, cakes and pies, head to Grant’s Cakes and Pies. With sausage rolls to die for, you’ll be drooling over flaky pastry and rich fillings that will satisfy you until your next meal.

Bacon and egg pies go quick so be sure to snag any if you see them available. Other food pies worth trying include the pie with peas, the steak and kidney pie or the curry pies with peas and mash. The spinach and cheese triangles are also very popular.

Baked goodies, especially bread, are also quick to go so you’ll have to get in early to secure yourself a loaf. 

And if you like vanilla slices, don’t miss out here as Grant’s reportedly sells probably the best vanilla slices you’d ever have tried. Other great cakes and desserts include the apple turnover and moist chocolate cake.

Grant’s Cakes and Pies reflect the best of Aussie baked goodies, and you won’t be disappointed. 

It’s situated inside a small shopping centre, making it easy and convenient to grab other things you may need as well.


Where to stay in Mount Isa

After a hearty meal, it goes without saying that you’ll need a good place to rest your belly. One of the most notable establishments is the Isa Hotel which is located at the heart of the city. It’s ideal for those seeking comfort and a place to rejuvenate their mind and body after a long day out and about. Combine exceptional customer service, modern and spacious interior, and luxurious services, a stay at the Isa Hotel will not disappoint.