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Where to Dine in Mount Isa

Where to Dine in Mount Isa
on 15 November 2021 in Food & Drink

When it comes to dining in the Outback, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that having a first class dining experience isn’t as difficult as you think.

With many eateries that focus on quality backed by professional chefs, intriguing menu creations exist in Mount Isa, tempting people just like you to explore the best dining establishments in the area.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the best dining places Mount Isa has to offer.

Bambino Express

Opened for breakfast, brunch and lunch, Bambino Express prides itself in its breakfast type meals ranging from smoothie bowls, muesli bowls to typical smashed avocado and huevos ranchos.

The cafe serves Australian breakfast and brunch cuisine with a consideration for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods that come in a wide variety. The staff are friendly and the informal setting means it’s a comfy sit down for those looking for a casual breakfast or cat up with the family.

Meals come in good size and the drinks, juices and smoothies are just as nice. When it comes to the coffee, the aroma is sensational and is certainly a place to get your wake up drink when you need one.

Rodeo Bar & Grill Steakhouse

Serving up a massive breakfast, a satisfying lunch, and a mouthwatering dinner, a visit to Mount Isa isn’t complete without a meal at the Rodeo Bar & Grill Steakhouse.

First class service is backed by world class dining. The atmosphere is absolutely fantastic and is a must experience for those who have yet to drop by.

Featuring an open concept kitchen, you get the pleasure of watching your food being cooked right in front of you. But before we jump into perfected grills and melting smoked meats, the dining experience begins with education and learning about the best cuts of meat based on your preference.

Staff are extremely knowledgeable in their meats and are able to help you navigate your way to choosing the perfect meal for you. Complement your mains with a specially curated side known to enhance your meal altogether, and you will understand the high standards of Mount Isa dining.

Fresh beer on tap is served cold and crisp, while those who prefer to explore different drinks will not be disappointed by the options on the drinks menu.

Beyond prime cuts of meat grilled and smoked, the menu is wide enough to cover fresh seafood, wood smoked pizzas, pastas, pub classics and more.

Despite being a steakhouse, vegetarians have reportedly been pleased with the menu choice with a good selection of tasty vegetarian treats such as the popcorn cauliflower.

Being so popular, the Rodeo Bar & Grill Steakhouse certainly can get busy so be sure to make a booking by calling (07) 4749 8888 to avoid disappointment.

Grant’s Cakes & Pies

Arguably one of the best bakeries in the West, patrons here continuously boast about the yummy goodness that is baked in this bakery. From amazing steak pies that contain real steak, bacon and egg pies that are scrumptious, sausage rolls that just melt in your mouth, mouthwatering cakes and pastries that you won’t be able to resist, this is the place to check out for delicious baked goods. Flaky pastry, hot pies, and there’s great customer service which is efficient even if there’s a queue that goes past the door.

The coffee here isn’t a specialty and some patrons reported it leaving a bit to be desired, but can still be a nice complement to the baked goodies being served.

The bread here is high quality, with many locals dropping by to pick up their favourites.

Redearth Restaurant 

Featuring a more upmarket restaurant that has a rich ambience of velvet walls, damask tablecloths, silver and crystal glassware, and exceptional waitstaff, the Redearth Restaurant represents the best of fine dining in Mount Isa.

The wide menu range includes fried lamb ribs, premium steaks and prime cuts, seafood fettuccine, sand crab lasagne, duck risotto, whole barramundi, and more. Needless to say, the food is absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection by professional chefs who are passionate and proud of their curations.

Pair your meal beautifully with a wide range of wines both local and international, or enjoy a cold glass of fresh beer on tap. Your tastebuds will be tantalised with fantastic dishes that will have you coming back for more.

Dessert is exquisite with the beauty of cleansing your palate, featuring a coconut crème brûlée, textures of chocolate, or a cheese platter to finish.

Patrons continually praise the Redearth Restaurant for its high standards in both culinary excellence and unparalleled dining experience.

The Redearth Restaurant is in high demand by both locals and visitors of Mount Isa, so be sure to make a booking by calling (07) 4749 8888 to avoid disappointment.