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The 4 Best Beers from North Queensland

The 4 Best Beers from North Queensland
on 01 November 2020 in Food & Drink


The quality of beer in Australia improves drastically as the years go by. And maybe noticeably so recently given the impending crisis of a global pandemic resulting in brewers to brew every beer as if it was their last.

With the heat waves coming in hard and unpredictable turmoil weather of hail and storms, it pretty much calls for days where you can just put your feet up and not worry about a thing. And don’t forget to drink a cold one with your mates to unwind and relax while you’re at it.

So here are the 4 all-time top North Queensland beers for you to enjoy while supporting local.

XXXX by Castlemaine Perkins

Going as far back as 1878, XXXX (colloquially known as Four X) is a quality Queensland beer brewed in Milton, Brisbane. For decades, XXXX has found its way into the hearts of Queenslanders, being one of the most popular lagers commonly found on tap in local pubs, bars and taverns.

The brand has a strong collaboration with the Queensland Maroons that has gone on for 30 years and counting. The action packed journey has featured XXXX in many big games and club celebrations.

A drink of XXXX is best shared with your mates under the Aussie sun. 

If you’re looking for a big taste that is bold, balanced and smooth in flavour and body, have a go at XXXX GOLD which is pretty much as “Good as GOLD”.

XXXX GOLD is made from golden cluster hops brewed with premium Australian malted barley and Castlemaine Perkins’ trademark yeast. The drink is preservative free, which holds onto a fresh, natural flavour of bittersweet.

XXXX Bitter offers a clean, crisp taste with a satisfying bitter finish. The aroma comes from a blend of two hop varieties that give off a sweet and fruity tang once mixed with yeast. 

XXXX also offers a Pale Ale variety which is great for a laid back environment like a barbie with mates. Crisp and full of flavour, XXXX GOLD Pale Ale is made combining Amarillo hops and premium Australian barley malt. It’s smooth and refreshing thanks to not being as bitter or hoppy when compared with the average pale ale. 

Pacific Ale by Tiny Mountain Brewery

A modern Aussie take on Pacific Ale, Tiny Mountain Brewery has excelled in loading a hazy ale packed with a punch to keep your tastebuds curious and excited. This brand features premium wheat and Vienna malts building up a pleasant texture with a malty backbone that carries the Aussie hops Vic Secret and Galaxy. 

The key behind Pacific Ale by Tiny Mountain Brewery’s flavour is in its hop addition and dry hopping techniques, which amplify tropical hop aromas that are transferred to your glass. It’s the perfect beer to pair with a good steak and barbie.

Subtle notes include mango and passionfruit with a signature slap of bitterness that is soft and smooth thanks to the hint of wheat. The rice addition helps keep this Pacific Ale light, making it an incredibly easy drink to drink. 

Pale Ale by Eumundi Brewery

This is the ale that will have you wanting more. Offering a light citrus blend in flavours, the Pale Ale by Eumundi Brewery does not disappoint. This quality ale is brewed Eumundi in the Sunshine Coast.

Quality ingredients that represent a “true nature in a brew”, the experience is relaxing and uncomplicated, allowing for a chill drinking experience. 

Iron Jack Full Strength by Legendary Brewing Co

A premium lager with a clean and crisp taste, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its light malt finish and dry lager flavours.

100% vegan friendly and preservative free, this beer isn’t just environmentally conscious, but it’s pretty dang good given how it was crafted with the hot, rugged Queensland climate in mind. The Legendary Brewing Co carries out its operations in Milton.

That said, a drink of Iron Jack a Full Strength certainly packs a refreshing punch that will have you coming back for more.

Experience the beers at Isa Hotel

Every beer drinker knows that the only way to enjoy a good beer is to have it on tap. Freshly poured with a great turnover ensuring crisp beers, you’ll find this entire range of North Queensland beers at the Isa Hotel and then some.

Not sure on what to go with? A quick chat with our bartender explaining your flavour profile will quickly have you exploring different kinds of beers and lagers that will price mouthwatering.

Drop by the Isa Hotel today to quench your thirst with a refreshingly cold and crisp North Queensland beer.