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7 Essential Tips to Survive the Scorching Hot Aussie Outback

7 Essential Tips to Survive the Scorching Hot Aussie Outback
on 01 November 2019 in General News


With the heat coming in fast hitting highs beyond the 30 degree Celsius limit, you need to know how to avoid falling victim to heat illness. 

And with the Aussie Outback adventures waiting for your exploration, how does one stay healthy and safe when adventuring? 

Travelling in the outback means you’ll have to brave through some of the hottest heats and UV levels known throughout Planet Earth. Not only does the bad end result mean sunburn and increased skin cancer risks, you could also fall susceptible to heat induced conditions such as heat stroke. 

Before going on your outback adventure, you need to make sure that you prepare and protect yourself from the sun and heat. Being safe from the sun and heat is the first step to having a great day ahead. 

Here are 7 essential tips to surviving the scorching heat of the Aussie Outback.

Slip, slop and slap 

When under the Australian sun and heat, the golden rules of sun safety involve slipping on protective clothing, slipping on some sunscreen (at least SPF30+) every two hours, slapping on a wide brimmed hat, looking for some shade when it gets hot (especially between 10AM and 3PM), and sliding on some UV blocking sunnies. 


Identify heat illness signs

As much as it is important to protect yourself from the sun, it’s just as important to protect yourself from heat induced illness. 

Signs of heat stress includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If you, your friends or family display any signs of heat illness, it’s time to take steps to cool the victim down. Methods of cooking include hydration, cool showers, cold towels, seeking shade, fanning, and so on.

It pays to know that humidity can be the cause of heat stress and dehydration as you sweat more and the heat stays around for longer. Even when there is no direct sun, the effects are the same and you will need to be aware of your health, staying cool and hydrated at all times.

If you start to feel faint or fatigue, it’s time to find a place to take shade and rest. Where you have sunburnt skin, be sure to moisturise the area and cover it with a layer of protection to avoid further damage to the affected skin. If you have a heat rash, the best treatment is to keep your skin cool, clean and dry.


Hydration, hydration, hydration

Heat and humidity lead to water loss like there’s no tomorrow. 

The idea is to always carry enough water around. As a general rule of thumb, you should be drinking at least a litre every hour. And that goes the same for everyone else in your troop. 

To ensure your body absorbs as much water as possible, go for occasional, big hearty drinks instead of regular, small sips.

As an indication, your urine should be pale and clear as this is evident of how hydrated you are. Isotonic drinks can prove useful to help replace lost electrolytes, especially for those who are engaging in outback exploration under the heat. 

To avoid fast dehydration, don’t consume any alcohol during the day when on the move. Alcohol is a culprit to dehydration and the more you stay clear from it, the better when adventuring in the Aussie Outback. 

Stay away from the sun during specific hours

The sun is at its hottest between 10AM and 3PM. With the heat rays and UV intensities at peak state, you should do your best to avoid being out and about under the sun between those hours.

Seek shade and rest up indoors before deciding to head out to explore the Aussie Outback. 


Know your limits

Nobody knows you better than yourself.

Don’t ignore signs your body is telling you, especially when you’re out and about in the Aussie Outback. If you’re not fit, are on prescription medication, or just aren’t used to the Aussie sun and heat, make it a point to take extra care and do not overexert yourself. 

Where possible, avoid strenuous activities and stay away from the sun as much as possible. If there’s a tarp, awning, or tree, take shade to help regular your body temperature and stay cool. 

Water over food

When it comes to emergency situations, always remember that water triumphs food. If you have good health, you can last for up to three weeks without food. Without water, your chances are four days at best. 

Remember to always have water with you, and if you’re stuck in an emergency situation, water should be one of the first things to look for. 

If you can’t find any water bodies, you’ll need to set yourself a rain trap. Tarp works best, however you can use any non absorbent material too. To sling it up, use some rope or cables and place a bucket underneath to collect the accumulated rainwater. If it isn’t rainy season, you can set up a condensation water trap instead. 


Preparation is always better

The best way to be ready for the scorching heat of the Aussie Outback is to prepare yourself for it. For emergency situations, prepare yourself for essentials such as satellite phones, solar powered water purifiers, solar powered lights for night visibility, and so on. 

Long life good and extra fuel are always good things to bring along. And of course, having plenty of water for you and your troop is crucial to your survival in the heat.

When prepared properly, a hiccup in your outback adventures will almost feel like a unique camping spot for some quality fun time. 

Following this guide can help you keep your friends and family safe when in the hot outback. 

Australia is a spectacular place, however, she is as brutally unforgiving as much as she is beautiful. Do not take any unnecessary gambles and always stay vigilant when on the move.

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Happy travels!