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A Local’s Guide to the Mount Isa Show

A Local's Guide to the Mount Isa Show
on 01 May 2021 in Events & Entertainment

With rocky 2020 events that saw the cancelling of the 2020 Mount Isa Show as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the town of Mount Isa is at the edge of its seat awaiting the announcement of the 2021 Mount Isa Show. 

Happening on Friday 18 June 2021 and Saturday 19 June 2021, the 2021 Mount Isa Show has been confirmed. There is huge anticipation for the show to live up to expectations and deliver an astounding event as a result of missing last year.

The show will be the first major event for the Mount Isa community, bringing a ton of high hopes, fun and excitement to celebrate Mount Isa and its achievements.

What to expect at the Mount Isa Show

Showcasing the best of Mount Isa, you can expect many displays and exhibitions throughout the entire event. From themes including arts, culture and photography to woodworking, quilting, cooking and even horticulture, there’s so many inspirational displays from the town’s community on show.

When it comes to keeping you entertained, you can expect the best live music from the people of Mount Isa, followed by plenty of food stalls from local chefs to keep your tummies happy. 

Don’t forget to bring some cash as you wander along the many market booths selling local delights and creations, as you’ll be sure to come across something that will hit your fancy.

To keep the kids busy, there are plenty of free kids activities, such as rides and games, as well as wildlife and animal farms and petting zoos. Don’t worry, the adults get to pat the animals too if they want to – think cute cuddles with furry baby animals.

Admire the sculptures made by local artists and have a go at one of the amusement rides, or try your luck at winning a carnival game. With the wide range of events, the Mount Isa Show is one that certainly caters to everyone no matter how old you are. 

There are also many competitions to get the kids involved in, such as LEGO competitions, handwriting competitions, art competitions, sculpture competitions, baking and cooking competitions, and more.

The cost of entry at the 2021 Mount Isa Show

The price to enter the 2021 Mount Isa Show is anticipated to be $25 per person, with discounts for both kids and concession card holders. The event will be taking place at the Buchanan Park Events Complex.

A new take on the 2021 Mount Isa Show

The 2020 Mount Isa Show had a few changes in the works, but as it was cancelled, these changes will most likely be introduced in the 2021 Mount Isa Show.

Although not yet revealed, there is a list of new entertainers coming along as well as some old entertainers that haven’t performed in a while. 

The Mount Isa Show committee is thrilled with what is to come, and success of the 2021 Mount Isa Show is pretty much set in stone. Another reason why you can’t miss the show this year.

What to do after the 2021 Mount Isa Show

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Banner image credit: Mount Isa Show