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How to Spend Mother’s Day in Isolation

How to Spend Mother's Day in Isolation
on 01 May 2020 in Food & Drink

We do not mean to alarm you, but Mother’s Day is drawing near, and much to our dismay it looks like we’ll still be trapped in isolation. Being restricted to your home is not all that bad though, especially when you have our guide to spending a fun-filled Mother’s Day in isolation. These ideas are by no means conventional Mother’s Day activities, but then again 2020 is not your average year.

From treating Mum to your own restaurant at home to hosting a MasterChef competition that Mum can judge, here are a few ways to make this Mother’s Day just as memorable as any other year!

Channel your inner MasterChef 
There is nothing like hosting a healthy competition amongst your household and Mum will get a thrill out of watching everyone show off their cooking skills. Now, seeing as it’s Mother’s Day, let Mum off the hook by allowing her to be the judge, after all someone has to taste test all of the dishes.

To prepare for your own cook-off at home, make sure you plan out the competition so that you can stock up on appropriate groceries. Ideas may include a mystery box challenge, where several boxes are filled with ingredients for contestants to select from or something simpler like having to incorporate one specific ingredient. It’s also a good idea to think about the logistics of using the kitchen as there’s typically only one area to work from. If members of your household aren’t so confident in the kitchen, allow them to pair up so they can bounce ideas off each other and share the workload.

Set-up your own restaurant 
Seeing as all restaurants and eateries are currently closed for dine-in this is the perfect opportunity to set-up your own, so that you can wait on Mum hand and foot. Have fun with it by creating your own menu, setting up a dining table with all the bits and bobs, and splurge on a few bottles of nice wine. If you don’t feel like getting busy in the kitchen, simply jump over to our website and browse our new takeaway menu and order. From our new family packs, to our famous flame-grilled steaks, you can plate up your order just as if it were being served at Rodeo Bar & Grill. The best part in all of this is you can take credit for it!

Bust out the boardgames
Remember when we didn’t own mobile phones, or we didn’t look to Netflix to kill the boredom? This Mother’s Day, provide Mum with some good ol’ fashioned entertainment by dusting off your collection of boardgames. From classics like Monopoly to Twister, there is so much fun to be had when competing against your household for the title of board game champion, unless of course you let Mum win. If you don’t own any boardgames, a deck of cards will also do the trick.                          

Set up a paint and sip studio
There is something truly satisfying about sitting back and painting your own masterpiece so celebrate Mother’s Day in the most creative way possible – set-up your own paint and sip studio. Set up will entail purchasing a couple of canvases in various sizes, a basic paint brush kit and a range of acrylic paints. Put on your favourite playlist (and maybe an apron), pour a glass of wine and paint to your heart’s content. If you would prefer an expert provide the painting lesson, you’re in luck because Paint Your Town will be running virtual paint classes on Mother’s Day. Just remember to visit their website and pre-purchase your lessons.

Like any creative activity, you may need to rely on a little bit of liquid courage to get started so we suggest pairing your art lessons with a quality glass of wine. When it comes to vino, the team at Liquor Warehouse have you covered. Before visiting, make sure you do some background research on what Mum likes to drink, otherwise the team can help with recommendations. Seeing as it is all about the Mums though, we would personally suggest picking up a bottle of rosé, Champagne or sparkling wine varietals.

There you have it folks, how to spend Mother’s Day in isolation. Even though we’re all currently restricted from living our everyday lives, you can still think outside to the box to ensure this Mother’s Day is the best one to date.

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