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How to Plan Your Trip to Mount Isa

How to Plan Your Trip to Mount Isa
on 01 January 2020 in General News


Excited to get your bags packed for a lifetime adventure to Mount Isa? Well, it’s time to get your planning journals out and start making preparations.

From logistics to activities to dining and more, read on to learn more about how to plan your trip to Mount Isa the right way. 

Getting to Mount Isa

  • Driving

The easiest way to get to Mount Isa, driving allows you to soak in all the wonders of Outback Queensland. Not only will you have the flexibility to stop by quaint and fascinating towns, but also the opportunity to catch wildlife creatures in action. 

Access to Mount Isa is easy through the main highway. All vehicle types will find it convenient to get here, however, for those who prefer a little more off-road adventures, there are some 4WD sites throughout the region that will make your trip to Mount Isa a lot more adrenaline pumping. 

As you drive to Mount Isa, prepare yourself for some breathtaking views, the kind you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. Those heading in from the West will be enthralled with the mass savannah grasslands, while those coming in from the East will be overwhelmed with the undulating ranges forming a spectacular landscape above. Enter amount Isa from the South, and you will be shocked by the expanse of inland sea. 

To help you gauge the drive, the distance from Sydney to Mount Isa is 2,400 kilometres. From Melbourne to Mount Isa is 2,597 kilometres. From Brisbane to Mount Isa it’s 1,825 kilometres. From Cairns to Mount Isa is 1,250 kilometres. And from Townsville to Mount Isa it’s 904 kilometres. 

  • Flying

The ease of flight is an advantage we have in the modern day. So why not make use of it so you can spend more days in Mount Isa instead of travelling?

With Mount Isa Airport only 9 kilometres away from the heart of town, it’s extremely convenient to zip in and out. 

You’ll be pleased to know that Qantas Airlines flies from Mount Isa to Brisbane frequently and connects to most main cities too. 

  • Coach or bus

For those who prefer public transportation, there is a bus or coach service connecting to the majority of towns and cities. The Greyhound bus service is a reliable one to choose for your coach journeys into and out of Mount Isa. 

  • Train

For the classics, you will be happy to hear that the train service operates in Mount Isa from Townsville with many connections in towns and cities along East Queensland. Use the Queensland Rail services (heavy rail) to get here.


Staying in Mount Isa

For a quaint town, Mount Isa certainly makes an impression with its amazing first class accommodation choices. Boasting luxury right from the moment you step through the doors, the Isa Hotel stands out significantly among all others.

Featuring luxurious vibes that will impress worldly travellers, the impeccable customer service will make you feel spoilt. The staff at the Isa Hotel are equipped with an abundance of local knowledge (and secrets) and are more than happy to share them with you at any given moment.

A stay at the Isa Hotel isn’t just your hotel accommodation, but rather a fulfilling experience. The strategic positioning of Isa Hotel places it right at the heart of the town centre making it easily accessible to all major attractions. Not only do you have location at your advantage, but also the dining options are amazing. Hats off to the Rodeo Bar & Grill which features some of the best steaks you’d ever had the chance of tasting in all of Australia. 

What to do in Mount Isa

Now that you know how to get here and where to stay, it’s time to discover what to do. 

  • Go on a mining tour

Firstly, it is important to understand the history of a town before deciding what attractions you should visit. Given that the mining history of Mount Isa is rich and diverse, it’s logical that you go on a mining tour to experience the town in its truest form.

Donning some overalls, safety boots, a hard hat with a headlamp to follow an ex-miner guide into the underground, plenty of fascinating facts and insights will amaze you. For the adventurous, you could even have a go at the air-leg drill to see what that’s like.

  • Visit the Mary Kathleen Mine

A very different mine to your typical, the Mary Kathleen Mine stands out thanks to its history of being an operational Uranium Mine. Beyond its vast expanse of desert-like ambience, the lake shines a shocking blue that would be the envy of the Amalfi Coast.

  • An experience at Lake Moondarra

Only 17 kilometres away from Mount Isa, Lake Moondarra is a sure-fire way to enjoy your time. Basking in a water oasis set in Outback Queensland, surrounded by mass expanses of dry savannah, it is a refreshing experience to relax here. 

With many activities in store for you, a visit to Lake Moondarra opens you up to water sports, awesome fishing, family fun time, picnics, barbecues, canoeing, sailing, swimming, and so much more. 

What more could you want?

  • Eating in Mount Isa

The Rodeo Bar & Grill boasts some of the best meals in town. Found on the ground level of the Isa Hotel, it holds a rodeo theme that pays tribute to the popular Mount Isa Rodeo.

Operating as a modern steakhouse with the stylish twist of contemporary classics, the ambience and mouthwatering menu will have you coming back for more. To up the ante, meat lovers can view the cuts they want through a display cabinet. From there, choose your options for cooking style and the sides you want to complement your mains.

With over 4 stars on and over 140 reviews, the Rodeo Bar and Grill is a definite win for dining out in Mount Isa. The secret of a good steak comes from the aging technique that has been passed down from generations.

Those who enjoy their steaks and want premium quality, go for the OP Rib on bone which has been aged up to 8 weeks long. The meat is grain fed black Angus and is attached to the bone, giving it an intense flavour that is simply satisfying when peeled.

With an open style kitchen concept that exemplifies amazing pizza oven displays, you can see your food get cooked while you wait and perhaps talk to the highly trained chefs as well. The place is packed full of locals so if you do want to guarantee a seat, be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Hopefully, the information above is enough to get you started on planning an amazing trip to Mount Isa. With so much to see and do, an experience in Mount Isa at the Isa Hotel will be exceptional.

Image credit: Anne Lieschen