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Central Queensland’s Best Sights to See

Central Queensland's Best Sights to See
on 10 December 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

Home to some of the magnificent sights in Queensland, the Central Queensland offers a unique perspective on the Australian Outback. 

Here are the best sights to see in Central Queensland that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Lake Moondarra 

A fantastic opportunity to step away from red earth and dirt roads in the Aussie Outback, Lake Moondarra offers a water oasis in Outback Queensland.

Only 17 kilometres north of Mount Isa, it’s all freshwater fisherman’s dream. Consistently stocked by the Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group, Lake Moondarra houses over 20 different fish species, including barramundi, cod, saratoga and archerfish. It’s a great place to cast a line, and even better in October during the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic

If you aren’t big on fishing, Lake Moondarra still offers plenty of attractions such as spectacular sunsets against the outback, a beautiful place for a swim to cool off from the summer heat, to sail, canoe or boat, or even to just enjoy the scenery and have a picnic or barbecue. 


One of the most beautiful things about being in Central Queensland is being away from all the light population of big cities. Head to the Mount Isa City Lookout to watch the sunset and the stars come out against a picturesque backdrop of the city. 

Go to the Mount Isa Rodeo

This is hands down a sight to be seen to be believed. Unknown to many, Mount Isa plays host to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest annual rodeo.

The Mount Isa Rodeo is the biggest cowboy and cowgirl party full of rodeo spirit, street parades, market stalls, and country music live entertainment. You’ll also have the privilege to watch all the real rodeo action take place in the arena.

Visit an underground hospital

Not your typical sight to see on a holiday, the Mount Isa Underground Hospital is an experience that must be had. Built to help civilians against the threats of aerial bombing in 1942 during the Second World War, the underground hospital holds a significant story in Australian history.

Get in a guided tour of the hospital and step back in time as you walk through the underground tunnels and passageways as your guide provides fascinating commentary about the place.

Go on a mining tour

Australia is known for being extremely rich in mining resources, so why not see a mine for yourself? 

The Mount Isa Mines were once the most productive single mines on the planet, which is why you should go on the Hard Times Mining Tour when in Mount Isa.

Don some orange overalls, gumboots and hard hat and get down and dirty as you listen to first hand stories by ex-Isa miners while squeezing through an Alimak Cage and testing out some mining equipment. 

Another mine to visit is the Old Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine that offers impressive yet eerie sights of aqua blue waters that would make the Amalfi Coast jealous. It was discovered in 1954 and exhausted by 1981, resulting in the abandonment of the Mary Kathleen township.

Find old fossils

Head to the Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre at Outback at Isa to learn about the fossils extracted at this World Heritage listed area.

For a more hands on experience, go on the Adels Grove Tour run by North West Tours and journey out onto the fossil sites, which David Attenborough once described as one of the most significant fossil deposits worldwide.

Where to stay in Mount Isa

With so many attractions to see in Mount Isa, it pays to have great accommodation that is comfortable and affordable throughout your time here.

The Isa Hotel offers a range of Mount Isa accommodation perfect for all types of travellers including families. From outstanding dining options at the Rodeo Bar & Grill Steakhouse that cooks the juiciest premium steaks with live entertainment to exceptional customer service and all the town’s popular attractions right at your doorstep, a stay at the Isa Hotel is a must for those visiting Mount Isa.

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