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5 things to help you relax and unwind in Mount Isa

5 things to help you relax and unwind in Mount Isa
on 19 August 2019 in Local news

Located in the Gulf Country region of Queensland in Australia, Mount Isa also known as the oasis of the Outback offers everything you need to relax and unwind. 


Some people prefer slow and calming activities to wash away the stress from their mind while others prefer to let the adrenaline or curiosity boost their mood. Whichever you prefer, there is plenty to be discovered at Mount Isa from the long history of mining industry, wild Outback park to the most romantic sunset. 


Let’s check out the things you can do in Mount Isa that will relax and unwind you!


1. Mining tour


Mount Isa was once a pioneering place in the mining industry. So throw on some safety shoes, neon orange overalls, hard hat with a headlamp and join the local mining tour. 


As you squeeze into the Alimak Cage and descend into the underground, you will be taken back in time by the first hand stories from your tour guide, an ex Isa miner. Once you are in the underground tunnels, you will learn and discover more about modern mining machinery and journey through a way of life back in the old days. 


For the brave ones, try your hands on one of the air drills and feel the vibration beneath your feet as the mine wall is blasted. At the end of the tour, you will leave with an overwhelming sense drawn from the dedication of the miners at the challenging conditions.


2. Visiting Mary Kathleen Mine


If the mining tour makes you crave for more mining experience, then Mary Kathleen Mine should be next on your bucket list. 


Mary Kathleen is a ghost town which was first built for a uranium mine back in the 1950s. As you enter into the town, you will see many signs of desertion such as the unmaintained partially bitumen road and remnants of buildings. 


As you venture more into the mine site, you will be astonished at a hole that is filled with sapphire colour liquid. This magnificent beauty is a result of the minerals from the mine walls reflecting that makes it look like something out of a movie scene. 


Beware not to dive in! Despite its beauty, it is extremely toxic and radioactive.


3. Unwinding at Lake Moondarra


At just 17 kilometres north of the city centre of Mount Isa, this artificial lake is popular among both locals and tourists thanks to its spectacular scenery. 


The stillness of the lake attracts the visitors to swim, sail and canoe in the refreshing water. What is a better way to help calm the mind and let go of all the stress in your life than fishing in a lake that is stocked with barramundi? 


After a long day of activities, find a scenic location for a sweet picnic and smoky barbeque while enjoying an array of birds going about their lives in their natural habitat. Soak in some captivation as the sun slowly sinks deeper and deeper into the horizon while the night sky takes over the reigns.


4. Touring the Isa city


Whether you are at Mount Isa for a week or a weekend, touring the city will make the most out of your trip. 


Start off with the city lookout at Hilary Street to get a picturesque bird’s eye view of the entire Mount Isa city. If you have the time, make it a point to return again during nightfall and be mesmerised by the city’s splendid evening scenes. 


Ever wondered how children that lived in the remote Outback Australia get access to education? Thanks to the innovative spirit of the Australian community, the School of the Air was established using a unique e-teaching method. 


Children participate in an assembly from their respective home using High Frequency Radio, and the teachers use an electronic whiteboard to teach. Children only have to attend a physical classroom for a few days every year. Talk about advancement in technology!


Next stop, check out the Underground Hospital that is the heritage listed former public hospital. It was first built during the mining days; however, during the war times, the hospital was used as a cover from the air raids. 


When adventuring, don’t miss a visit to the heritage-listed villa at Casa Grande where Queen Elizabeth once stayed. Follow this with a stop by the end of the train line for Darwin’s “Progress and Prosper” as it never got the chance to be eventuated.


5. Entertainment and Sport


Do you know that Mount Isa hosts the largest rodeo in the Southern Hemisphere in its Buchanan Park? 


Don’t worry if you just missed it this year; it is an annual event. Just make sure you plan in advance and act fast for the event next year as tickets are sold like hotcakes! 


There is also plenty of activities around that you can do to explore the inner Aussie in you. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling an Outback country lover emerge out of you after your time in Mount Isa!


Those who lean more on the adrenaline junkie side of things should check out the Go Kart Club situated off Duchess Road. For those who just want to get comfy in their seats and enjoy the latest film, head to the cinemas on Rodeo Drive. 


There are also other activities such as a skate park or aquatic centre that make a great day with the kids. And if you happen to be there on a weekend, why not join the free Mount Isa park run that starts at Tharrapatha Way at 7 am every Saturday?


It is without a doubt that Mount Isa exudes a relaxing and laid-back vibe making it the perfect spot to rest, unwind and chill. You may be surprised by the many little tucked away gems when you wander around the city. 


After a whole day of activities, coming back to a comfortable accommodation plays a big role in perfecting your holiday. Luckily, Mount Isa is not short of one. 


If you are looking for a calm and relaxing place to yourself, then you should check out RedEarth Boutique Hotel. Strategically located at the heart of the town, you’ll be in the centre of all attractions. Not only will you be spoilt with luxurious comfort, the RedEarth Boutique’s Rodeo Bar & Grill also happens to serve the best steaks in town!